A Different Kind of Magic: Reimagining our Work with Neurodivergent Students and Advisors

NACADA Conference 2023

Unfortunately, little research has been done on adults with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or defined as neurodivergent. Many students, staff, professors, and even advisors may have been diagnosed as being somewhere on the autism spectrum. Many more, especially older individuals may have not been officially diagnosed.
It is essential that academic advisors, who are among the first administrators that students meet on campus, are well-versed in working with ASD students, who are often highly functioning but have different needs than neuro-normative students.
This presentation introduces advisors to strategies for working with students and co-workers who may have ASD or are neurodivergent. Attendees will learn about strategies to use in their advising, learn of programs, courses, and initiative ideas as well as receive a guide on working with ASD and Neurodivergent students and staff.

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